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These articles are aimed at providing you with information to help you with your web site. The philosophy behind them is "helping you to help yourself".

Over the years that I have been working with website development, I have discovered and benefitted from lots of online resources provided by others.  And this is my way of giving back.

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UK domain name revolution in 2014

Web Design |  June 25, 2014

UK domain name revolution is now underway - as of June 10th 2014 - and this affects your own business domain if it’s a or one.

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Why I chose CMS Made Simple

CMS Made Simple |  August 09, 2013

You have almost certainly heard of WordPress or Joomla as website builders and content management systems.  You may have even heard of Drupal, too. But I will bet that you have not heard of CMS Made Simple?

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How much does a website cost?

Web Design |  July 23, 2013

Although each site has its own complexity, we can still indicate the likely costs for getting a typical brochure web site built.

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