SEO Articles

There is a lot of garbage and mystery out there about SEO. And there are more than a few SEO businesses preying on the ignorance of web site owners.

Now, I am not putting myself up as a SEO Guru - I would never call myself that.  But over the past 5 or so years that I have been dealing with web sites, I have picked up knowledge along the way.

There are some great resources on the internet, some of which are freebies. And I want to bring my favourite ones to your attention. Also, I am building this SEO article library for my own needs, too - my memory lets me down and I frequently refer to these resources so I need to find them quickly.


How to build the perfectly optimised page

Using that time-worn phrase - a picture tells a thousand words - here is a brilliant infographic that illustrates the 12 steps to on-page optimisation heaven.

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