Ecommerce hosting

Whether you are setting up your first online business, or you run an ecommerce website with an established customer base and regular traffic, our ecommerce hosting has the features you need to make your website a success.

From taking payment securely, to processing payments through to customer management and website analytics, our ecommerce software combine to create a 360 degree solution from start to finish.

Your ecommerce website’s hosting platform

Your ecommerce website needs a world class web hosting platform. A platform that will keep your website up and running no matter what, and will keep delivering your website at blistering speeds. You need a web hosting solution that ensures your customers have access to your website at all times, day or night. And this is what we provide.

Utilising state-of-the-art technology we provide a web hosting platform that is second to none. For example, our platform is designed in such a way that if any server fails, another server automatically and without delay takes over that server's workload.

Our web hosting package is ideal for your ecommerce website and costs just £84 per year.

Setting up your store and taking orders

Choose from a range of popular online shopping carts, each available as a “one click install” from your web hosting control panel, which means you can easily set your store up in minutes.

ecommerce hosting


opencartOpenCart is a well established powerful and feature rich ecommerce solution, built to appeal to all experience levels and allow anyone to create and manage an online store. OpenCart comes with a range of features you would associate with high end enterprise level software such as multiple payment methods, multiple currency support, comprehensive sales reports and integrated search engine optimisation tools. Try the OpenCart demo.

With OpenCart at its heart, our Ecommerce Web Package contains everything you need to get your ecommerce web site up and running from £795.

Other well-known shopping carts

And if OpenCart doesn't take your fancy, your hosting control panel offers several other well established ecommerce applications to choose and quickly install:


Trading securely online

Ask yourself this question: would you buy from a website that did not protect your credit card and transaction details? No you would not.

Your web hosting package includes a free shared SSL certificate, signed by Equifax Global, using AES 256bit encryption.

You can upgrade your free shared SSL certificate to our Simple SSL certificate for £70 per year. This is based upon the AlphaSSL product from GlobalSign. Your secured URL looks like this: and the padlock is displayed in the visitor's  browser. 

And if you need stronger security, we have 2 further certificates to choose from - our Standard SSL certificate or our Extended SSL certificate. The table below shows the features of our 3 personalised certificates together with their annual price.

  Perfect for small websites & businesses Created for online traders & growing businesses Comprehensive security, warranties & the green bar
  Based upon the AlphaSSL product from GlobalSign Clickable Secure Site Seal Extended business validation with company name and date/time stamp
https:// Y Y Y
Browser padlock Y Y Y
SSL encryption 128-bit to 256-bit 128-bit to 256-bit 128-bit to 256-bit
Warranty - $10,000 $250,000
Price per year £70 £202 £335

How to purchase your Web Hosting Package

Call us on 07840 694181 to discuss your ecommerce hosting requirements. Alternatively, email us and we will call you back.

Please make sure you read our hosting terms and conditions.

We will send you our invoice for the hosting fee by email. Once we have received your payment, we will have your hosting package ready for you in minutes. We will send you details on how to access your hosting control panel, putting you in control of your web space and mailboxes.

You can optionally purchase one of the personalised SSL certificates at the same time as your hosting package or you can do this at a later stage. Just let us know either by calling us or emailing us.