Our web design process

Building a web site from scratch can be a daunting process - I mean - where do you start?

Fortunately, we have made our web design process to be simple and stress-free.  We work with you every step of the way, from initial thoughts to final delivery. We take you through the process at your own pace - its your web site after all.

And, no matter which type of web package we are building for you, our design process provides the same level of attention to detail that is needed to get your new web site published.


5 steps to build your web site

step 1: getting your requirements

We find out from you what you want from your web site, who are your likely visitors, what you want them to do on your site, who you are competitng with.

You may already have an idea of how you want your new site to look like. For instance, you may have seen another site you like the look of.

We find out from you which of our web packages matches your requirements and what optional extras you need to be included.

step 2: produce quote

We provide you with a quotation for the selected web package and any optional extras. Our quotation includes build timescales and scope of the work.

If you accept our quote, we require a deposit before we can start any development work. This is 50% of the quoted price.

step 3: build theme prototype

We build a theme prototype and publish it to our development web server. We provide you with a link to this prototype so that you can see what the proposed page layout, site navigation, colour scheme and typography looks like in a web browser.

We use your feedback to make the agreed amendments. Once you are happy with the prototype, this is becomes the theme for your site page(s).

step 4: build "sandbox" site

We build the "sandbox" version of your site using the agreed theme for you to get familiar with the content management features as well as test out the site functionality.

We review your feedback to see what amendments are needed.

step 5: publish site

Once we're both happy with the testing carried out on the sandbox site, we invoice you for the outstanding balance of monies. When we have received full payment from you, we do the following:

  • We transfer the site files over to the web server assigned to your domain name.
  • We carry out final site testing to make sure the site links still work correctly.
  • We hand the site over to you so that you can add and edit its content.

The "sandbox" version of your site remains in place for further 3 months so that you can try things out before editing the live site pages.  This will help build your confidence in the early days of you managing your site's content.

How to purchase your Web Package

Call us on 07840 694181 to discuss your web site requirements. Alternatively, email us and we will call you back.

Please make sure you read our hosting terms and conditions.

We send you a quote for the design work by email. Once we have received your agreement to proceed, we start work on your new web site.